sagamore rye whiskey
Sagamore Spirit Straight Rye Whiskey
October 16, 2019
dom perignon 2009
Dom Perignon 2009 Champagne
October 16, 2019
angel's envy kentucky straight bourbon

One of the great trends in recent memory for American whiskey has been taking a cue from the Scots and finishing the whiskeys in barrels used for fortified wines.

Angel’s Envy was at the fore of this when the Hendersons took several barrels of exceptional whiskey and finished it in port wine casks, becoming the first bourbon ever to do so.

The result was better than the angels anticipated, thus a few feathers got ruffled and the whiskey named accordingly. Intensely rich yet balanced layers of vanilla, coffee, ripe cherry and apricot that finish slightly sweet with maple syrup and bitter chocolate. Share a sip with your whisky buddies and we’re certain the angels won’t be the only ones with envy.

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